Composition and regulation

The Committee is chaired by the Chairman of the Regional Council or one of its delegates.
Each member can be replaced by an alternate member in case of an impediment
Specifically designated by the Administration, the Body or the Organization represented.
The composition of the Committee may be amended on a proposal from the Committee.

The Committee is composed of:

– Managing Authority of OP ESF Basilicata 2007-2013 and of DG ESF Basilicata 2014-
– General Director of the Department of Development, Labor, Training and Education
Basilicata Region Research;
– General Manager of the Policy Department of the Region
– General Manager of the Department of Programming and Finance of the Region
– Executives of the Offices responsible for operations funded on PO ESF
Basilicata 2007-2013 and 2014-2020:

Head of the Office of Labor Policy – Department of Development Policies,
Work, training and research;
Head of the School and University System Office – Political Department
Development, work, training and research;
Executive Director of the Continuous Training and Enterprise Competitiveness –
Department Development, Labor, Training and Research Policies;
Head of the Strategic Planning Office – Political Department of
Development, work, training and research;
Third Sector Bureau – Political Department of the Person;
Head of the Office for the Implementation of State and Regional Policy Instruments
Regional – Programming and Finance Department;
– Intermediate Bodies of DG FSE Basilicata 2007-2013 and any Organizations
Intermediaries of the PO FSE Basilicata 2014-2020;
– Representatives of the Partnership Committee referred to in art. 5 of Reg Ce 1303/2013 e
Of art. 4 of Reg Ce 240/2014 identified with Regional Council Resolution no. 1594
Of 22 December 20146 so identified: 6 subjects belonging to the Institutional Parties,
12 subjects belonging to the Economic and Social Parties, 1 person belonging to the
Bodies representing the civil society;
– The Ministry of Economic Development / Cohesion Territorial Census Agency
ESI Funds;
– The Ministry of Economy and Finance – IGRUE;
– The Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, head of the European Social Fund;
– Regional Environmental Authority;
– Gender Equality Authority / Equal Opportunities Authority – Equal Counselor
Opportunity (if not already identified among the members of the Partnership Committee
Identified with Regional Council Resolution no. 1594/2014);
– A representative of the Regional University System / Conference of Rectors
Italian Universities (if not already identified among the members of the Partnership Committee
Identified with Regional Council Resolution no. 1594/2014);
– Representative of the regional school office (if not already identified among the
Representatives of the Partnership Committee identified by the Deliberation of Junta
Regional n. 1594/2014);

The Committee’s work is consultative:
– A representative of the European Commission – DG Employment;
– A representative of the Ministry of the Environment and the Protection of the Territory and the
– Basis authorities ERMF, FEP and EAFRD;
– PON Management Authorities co-financed by the ESF;

Participating in the Committee’s work as permanent guests:
– the ESA Certification Regional Authority;
– The ESA Regional Audit Authority.

The Committee’s work may also take part as standing invitations or for the discussion of specific points, representatives of public and private stakeholders involved in the implementation of the Operational Programs 2007-2013 and 2014-2020.


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