Brand identity

Logo FSE 2014-2020 .jpgThe Corporate Identity of the FSE 2014-2020 Programming of the Basilicata Region and logos to be used on various communication materials.

For the correct use of logos and their declination on various editorial / promotional products, it is necessary to follow the guidelines contained in the FSE 2014/2020 Graphics Manual.




ESF 2014-2020 OP Logo

OP Basilicata ESF 2014-2020 Institutional logos


Manual Basilicata Europa Visual identity

DGR n.1260 del 8/11/2016 (approval Manual Graphics Line)

DGR n. 621 del 14/5/2015 (approval Corporate Identity Programming 2014-2020 of Basilicata)

All. DGR n.621 del 14/5/2015 (Corporate Identity ESF 2014-2020 Basilicata)




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