Annual event of the Basilicata ESF OP: “In support of fragility. Innovative paths for community welfare ”- 21/12/2020 11.00 am – live streaming

The annual event of the OP ESF Basilicata “In support of fragility. Innovative paths for community welfare “scheduled for December 21, 2020, from 11:00 to 12.30. The videoconference, with the participation of the regional councilor for personal policies Rocco Leone, of the ESF Management Authority Domenico Tripaldi, by the General Manager Ernesto Esposito, by a representative of the European Commission, by the Evaluation and Verification Unit of Public Investments, by Prof. Andrea Volterrani of the University of Rome Tor Vergata will focus attention on regional welfare and on the Regional Plan for implementation social and health services that intend to develop actions that put the person at the center of his needs, building a network between all the resources, material and intangible and available financial sources.

A look at the data, the national panorama and the current regional situation which is based on the creation of emerging and flexible strategies capable of anticipating latent and / or potential needs according to a “bottom-up” approach for which planning comes from below according to an active territorial participation with the involvement of stakeholders. This innovative approach led to the publication of the Public Notice “Presentation of innovative project proposals aimed at creating accompaniment paths for people in particular conditions of vulnerability and social fragility” in which, moreover, the 9 Socio Territorial Areas for the associated management of social and socio-health services, become in fact the main actors for the planning, definition and execution of administrative measures, technical, administrative and financial implementation management, territorial monitoring and evaluation actions, the identification of fab needs of communities and people. Through this notice, therefore, 616 projects were funded with the aim of reducing the number of individualized families in poverty and at risk of social exclusion by promoting the creation and experimentation of innovative social services.

Therefore, the model of intervention implemented takes on an experimental character in the field of community welfare. In fact, from the operational point of view, there was a real contribution from the various partners (third sector bodies, ASL, professional social services of the Municipalities and Territorial Areas, Training Organizations, in some cases Juvenile Court) which thus implemented a first experimentation of co-design of interventions, in line with the provisions of art. 55 of the Third Sector Code, building the foundations for a new methodology of analysis and resolution of the various problems and with a system capable of improving its governance. The round table, which will follow the institutional interventions, will be aimed at presenting the innovative experiences that they have produced a positive impact both on the relationships between institutions, social services and project management bodies and on the quality of life of the recipients.

Four funded projects will be illustrated, as good practices, by the representatives of the various beneficiary companies also with video contributions in which the direct testimonies of the final recipients will highlight the progress made both by individual paths and by the support network in general and with the help of the computerized social file, a web-based platform through which the system of services outlined by the regional programming “takes charge” of a person who is in need, follows the entire path of reintegration into active social life. projects presented as an example of a “pilot” Notice have, in essence, produced an impact both on the relations between institutions, social services and project management bodies and on the quality of life of the recipients.

It will be possible to follow the live streaming on the Facebook social channels of the FSE Basilicata ( e YouTube (


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