Composition and Regulation

The partnership is composed of no. 55 subjects and divided into three groups: institutional parts (PIs), economic and social partners (PSEs) and civil society organizations (PSCs).
Partners not listed but interested may join by submitting a request to the Management Authority that will be evaluated taking into account the representativeness, skills, active participation capacity, and functionality compared to the actions co-financed by the European Social Fund.
The Monitoring Committee is composed of members of the institutional, economic and social bodies and bodies representing civil society as defined in Dgr n° 1594 del 22.12.2014.

Regolamento del partenariato (DGR_683-2015)
(The Regulation was approved by DGR No. 683 of 22.05.2015, after a public consultation lasting 10 days in implementation of DGR No 1594 of 22.12.2014 shared by the Economic and Social Partnership)

Partnership Components List

Institutional Partnership

 Economic and social partnership

Civil society

Representatives of ESCs in the Monitoring Committee

Representing the Institutional Partnership

Representing the Economic and Social Partnership

Representing Civil Society

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