Technical Secretariat


What is it

It is a structure of the Basilicata Region provided for in the Basilicata Operational Program for the implementation of the Basilicata DG FSE 2014-2020 (DGR 683/2015) Art. 9 and 10 and is one of the tools of the Partnership together with the Web Platform, the Technical Assistance to the Partnership and the Labor Market Observatory.

The structure is responsible for the dissemination of all information necessary for the conduct of the partnership activities and technical-organizational services addressed to the Economic and Social Parties and the Regional Administration.

In carrying out its activities, the Secretariat uses the Support of Technical Support to the Partnership.


What does it do

According to the Rules of the Partnership the Secretariat performs the following tasks:
– Coordination and support of the activities of Regional Offices involved in relations with the Partnership;
– timely acquisition by the regional services of comprehensive information on the progress of the interventions and their transmission to the partners;
– collection of proposals and indications of the different members of the partnership to transfer them systematically to the services of the Region and to the relevant forums;
– logistics organization of the partnership activities;
– management of information flows as defined in Art. 10 of the Rules:

Calculation of partnership activities and review and updating of programming activities,
Verbalization of partnership activities,
Drafting of the Annual Report on the Status of the Partnership,
Drafting of other documents produced by the Secretariat with the support of Technical Assistance: Investigations at the Economic and Social Parties (ESPs) and other relevant actors to strengthen the implementation of the PO and prepare meetings between the ESF and the Basilicata Region, newsletters and Information documents;
Draft official documents useful for the implementation of the FSE
Provision of studies and insights on issues of interest to the partnership
The Secretariat also has the task of transmitting the meeting of the ESF Partnership Table to all actual members at least 10 days before the sitting (3 days before if urgently).


Head Office
ESF 2007-13 and 2014-20 Office
Via Vincenzo Verrastro, 8
85100 Potenza – Basilicata Region – Italy

Monday – Wednesday – Friday from 11:00 to 13:00

Telephone: +39 0971-669183
E-mail Secretariat:

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