Op ESF, Bardi: sums to be used without waste and effectively

“Despite the implementation difficulties which we were forced to face in 2020, a total of around 23 million euros of resources were moved and, thanks to the conditions built in previous years with the measures activated, the target n + 3 set was achieved as of 31 December 2020 for the Operational Program. The achievement of this milestone allows us to close this year with greater serenity in the awareness that the resources of the Program have been secured and remain in their entirety at the disposal of the regional community. In fact, there are many challenges that await us and many financial resources to be used wisely, without waste and effectively also in view of the new 2021-2027 programming “.

This was stated by the president of the Basilicata Region Vito Bardi commenting on the results achieved by the Region in implementing the community programs financed by the European Social Fund, which were illustrated in the meeting of the Supervisory Committee on Wednesday 16 December evaluates the state of implementation of the 2014-2020 ESF program, held today by videoconference, attended by Adelina Dos Reis and Paolo Rizzo of the European Commission and Marianna D’Angelo of the ANPAL, as well as officials and technicians of the Region and representatives of the ministries and of the partnership.

Dos Reies had words of appreciation for the Basilicata Region, which in his opinion “has dealt with the needs imposed by the health emergency with competence and heart”, as the President of the Region himself remarked.

“I cannot fail to recall – said Bardi – that 2020 was unfortunately tragically marked by the Covid 19 pandemic with serious repercussions on families, economic operators and citizens all with inevitable consequences also on the implementation of the Program for the suspension and the slowdown in ongoing interventions. But the Region did not stand by, putting in place actions to favor the continuation and completion of the interventions, financing the training of workers of companies in crisis due to the emergency and supporting university students away from home for the costs of rents and the participation of unemployed graduates in university masters and higher education courses.

By also providing for the expansion of the use of distance learning, the allowances of participants in suspended social internships were safeguarded. And, again, the Region has continued its action by financing interventions that, although not explicitly linked to the action to combat the COVID emergency, are part of the path to combat unemployment and the socio-working marginality of the most vulnerable people, ‘raising the skills of young graduates and workers who are important elements of the regional strategy aimed at overcoming the criticalities of the regional socio-economic context that the crisis is likely to increase ”.

Also Dr. Marianna D’Angelo, head of the National ESF Coordination of ANPAL, who welcomed the positive comments of Dr. Dos Reis of the Commission in relation to the interventions put in place to deal with the Covid emergency, congratulated the regional offices for the prompt collaboration and response of the Basilicata Region. The general managers Tripaldi and Panetta also underlined the commitment made by the regional offices, even during the lockdown period, to meet the needs of the social categories most affected by the ‘health emergency by quickly preparing the measures and spending provisions.

The structure of the ESF Managing Authority illustrated the state of implementation of the Program, focusing, in particular, on the reprogramming carried out in 2020, explaining the reasons and effects. Financial progress data and physical data on approved projects and recipients involved were displayed. The actions taken to counter the Covid-19 emergency and the main interventions activated with a focus on compliance with the principle of equal opportunities and non-discrimination were then described.

The certified expenditure of the Basilicata Region for the European Social Fund as of 15 December 2020 is equal to approximately 18.3 million euros: the objective of the n + 3 target, which required to reach an expenditure of at least € 14.6 million. Further expenses of approximately 1.5 million euros will also be reported by 31 December, while for 2021, against a spending target of 31.8 million euros, operations are already underway that should allow for the certification of an expense. of at least 36.1 million euros.

The main allocations of certified expenditure as of 15 December 2020 concern axis 1 (sustainable employment – € 10.1 million), axis 2 (social inclusion – € 3.57 million) and axis 3 (education and training – € 2.9 million) .The manager of the 2014-2020 ESF Microcredit Fund, Sviluppo Basilicata, illustrated the operation and characteristics of the Fund, focusing attention on the results as at 15/12/2020 on the impact of the pandemic still in progress. the subsequent intervention provided information on the impact of Agenda 2030 on the 2021-2027 Cycle and on the involvement of the economic and social partnership.

As for the new 2021/2027 community programming, Tripaldi announced that in January a cycle of meetings with the partnership will be scheduled to deepen the choices of the Region in light of the European strategy dictated by the 2030 Agenda and the consequent need to reprogram the development objectives sustainable. Employment, the fight against school dropouts, the development of university education, the fight against poverty and social inclusion are the main themes at the center of the debate.

Finally, during the meeting, the communication activities carried out in the last year to promote in the regional community were presented knowledge of the initiatives financed with the European Social Fund through constant updating of information on the dedicated website, meetings and workshops in schools, the creation of video interviews, promotional videos and publications.

The last intervention, concerning good practices was substantiated in the illustration of the Public Notice “Presentation of innovative project proposals aimed at creating accompaniment paths for people in particular conditions of vulnerability and social fragility” and in the description of 5 case studies that have produced an impact both on the relationships between institutions, services social and project management bodies that on the quality of life of the recipients.

It was announced that on 21 December at 11 am on the Facebook and YouTube social channels of the OP ESF Basilicata an event will be held with the protagonists of the Public Notice interventions illustrated with the presence The meeting ended with interventions by the partnership which wished the continuation of the path of constant and continuous collaboration in the implementation of the program.

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