Axes, priorities and actions


The Axes, in which the Program is structured, focus on the promotion of employment and support for workers’ mobility, the promotion of social inclusion and the fight against poverty and investment in skills, education and ‘Lifelong learning as well as the rise of administrative efficiency and public services.

The 5 axes are:

– axis “1. Creating and maintaining employment” contains actions aimed at unemployed, unemployed, long-term unemployed and at long-term unemployment risk, including workers affected by social dampers. They also included conciliation actions aimed at widening women’s active participation in the labor market and system actions specifically geared to the development of employment services

– Axis “2. Strengthening and Innovating Active Inclusion in Society” contains actions aimed at:
– combating poverty and the risk of social vulnerability, with particular attention to multiproblematic families;
– foster the inclusion of the weak, viable employers through the necessary social accompanying schemes;
– Strengthening the conditions of access to socio-welfare services (particularly for the elderly) and socio-educational services by households in economic or social difficulties because of the need for care and full participation in the labor market;
– to support social innovation, the development of the social economy and solidarity, the strengthening of social cooperation and the third sector, with particular attention to improving the capacity of the system of inclusion and access to work by the weak.
The axis is coordinated with the actions of axis VIII “Social Inclusion and Enhancement of Educational Services” by PO FESR Basilicata, for the aspects of increasing service provision and access to health care delivery points Social partners and counterparts to economic and social marginality, through infrastructure interventions to upgrading and improving building safety standards.

– axis “3. Developing Rights and Quality in Learning and Supporting Intelligent Innovation in Key Industries” contains actions aimed at:
– combat school dispersion and strengthen educational success;
– to support the right to study at school-based courses of every rank and grade in order to increase equal access opportunities;
– Establish and support an adequate supply of higher education and tertiary and post-tertiary education, including through the PhD program of research and international mobility, in close connection with the economic development strategies of the region and the rise Of the Research and Development Index (R & D);
– strengthening the core competences for active citizenship, with particular attention to the digital divide;
– Support the adaptation of education and training systems, according to network models, by developing technical-professional poles and business relationships. The axis is co-ordinated with the actions of axis VIII “Social Inclusion and Enhancement of Education Services” of the PO FESR Basilicata, in particular for the aspects of enhancement of technical laboratories and the inclusion of ICT technologies and web-based platforms in the school And university

– axis “4. Strengthening institutional and administrative capacity” contains the actions aimed at:
– support the realization of the digital agenda;
– to make the processes of programming, management and control of public policies more efficient and effective;
– support the PRA (Administrative Enforcement Plan), to improve the quality of the services of the structures involved in the management of SIE funds, and also the application of the European Code of Conduct for the General Governance Qualification

– axis “5. Technical assistance
Improvement of the efficiency and effectiveness of the programming system, monitoring, control and monitoring of the Operational Program, as well as strengthening of the communication and information system and evaluation system through support and support to the Management Authority and others Subjects, even partnerships, involved in the distinct stages of activation and implementation of the Program

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