Financial plan


The Program has a total budget of € 289,624,168.00 (cofinancing EU + national and regional co-financing) of which € 17,377,450.00 of Effective Implementation Reserve, to be verified at 31/12/2018.


It should be pointed out that the experience of the previous programming phases has led the European Commission to foresee mechanisms that stimulate the enforcement authorities to compete on the basis of the results obtained, thus seeking to improve the quality of the financed interventions.

It follows that at the start of Programming 2014-2020:

– fulfillment is made to ensure that the funds disbursed have the conditions to maximize the benefit by reducing the gap between the starting position and the objective to be achieved, conditioning the institutional and local actors to examine the starting and Eliminate any initial context shortages (ex ante conditionality and administrative strengthening plan);

– Plan actions / interventions that are consistent with the achievement of certain goals (Performance Effectiveness Reserve or Performance Reserve).


Main Features and Performance Reserve for Axis

performance asse

Key Asset and Performance Reserve per Axle and per annum

performance anni

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